The Assertion

Therefore, I support banning guns for Democrats

The Question

If there exists an academic paper regarding an analysis of contemporary opinion concerning the National Rifle Association, it is obscure to non-existent. Probably, the latter.

Academia does not seem interested in the topic. However, the general public has high interest in the topic, as evidenced by the person who posed the question, and by the large number of opinionated webpages focused on it.

Much can be gleaned by what partisans have written, as well as, what they omit, or bend to fit pre-existing conclusions. For example, the left-wing, posing as apolitical, SNOPES website, wouldn't outright state the gossip about only Democrats being mass shooters is false. They would only say that there were instances when it could not be proven to be entirely true.


Somewhat Reliable Statistics Concerning US Mass Shootings 1982 - 2017
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The Association of Mass Shooters With The National Rifle Association

Of the last mass shootings in the US, how many shooters were known to be NRA members

The question is answered loudly by Demi-Commie Progressive Media's absence of trumpeting those mass shooters who would have been NRA members.

Only by the greatest gymnastic stretch of bending facts could anything approximating NRA membership be attached to a mass murderer, since the founding of the NRA, in 1871.

So, str-e-t-c-h they did! The State of Connecticut requires a certificate be obtained from the NRA, in order to purchase a firearm, legally. The alleged shooter in Newton, CT had such a certificate. However, he was not an NRA member.

Police Reveal Newtown Shooter Had 'NRA Certificate'

Is That List of Democrat Shooters Accurate?

While on the subject of stretching to meet an agenda goal, the murderer of President McKinley, Charles J. Guiteau, a psychotic, said he killed the President to help the Republican Party meet its goals. That ought to be sufficient evidence that all Republicans are potential murderers.

The NRA and American Black Citizens

NRA founded to fight KKK, black leader says

Was the National Rifle Association started to drive out the KKK?

Why the NRA Has Been a Disaster for Black People

Do Black People Have Equal Gun Rights?

'The NRA Does Not Believe In Protecting Black And Brown Lives': The Women's March co-chair explained why the organization is protesting the NRA

How 'Crazy Niggers' With Guns Helped Kill Jim Crow: Civil rights and armed self-defense in the South (or, How MLK,jr climbed through an Overton Window)


I want the truth

"The Truth? You Can't Handle The Truth!"

Number of Mass Shooters With NRA Membership -- Zip, Zero, Nada

Political Party of Mass Shooter
Not A Republican -- All, the alleged Republican, by a stretch of his psychotic imagination, only killed one person.

Race of Mass Murderers

Whites -- 50 ; All other races combined -- 38, THEREFORE,

White men ought not possess guns!!