Black Skins; Brown Shirts

The variety of epithets the African-American community has for Whites, is no less diverse than the Klan has for Blacks. Some peckerwoods who don't know they're cracker rednecks, still think they're honkys. The etymology of racial insults is interesting but totally irrelevant to the danger presented by those using the slurs. I can understand a desire to make gallows humor, such as the satirical, NAACrackerP, but, I must look at the danger seriously. Because the catastrophe which looms inspires head in the sand panic, many are focused on the humor of an unleaven flour snack raised to a racial epithet.

Rather, the focus should be on substantive means to prevent the Crisis of Race War. The Progressives are seeking some major flashpoint to invoke the martial law powers already in place for FEMA and the POTUS. The mentors of Obama called it Helter Skelter. The Obama regime may call it the NBPP seeking social justice for the dispensation given to a murderous white pig in Oakland.

Hitler, dismissed as a crackpot in 1931, built up separate, thug, military, and secret police organizations - the SA (brown shirts), the SS, and the Gestapo, whose stated goal was race war between Aryans and Jews, in parallel with the established German military and police social structures. He then had his extralegal forces cause the turmoil that "required" him to take dictatorial control of the State to restore order.

BHO has already said that he wants a civilian expeditionary force that answers to him, with the discipline and budget of the military.

We have heard him speak that Jews dislike him because of his middle name or because he extends friendship to Muslims.

We have heard him state that White businessmen move to the suburbs specifically to avoid paying taxes to educate African-American children. Has he not already singled out those suburban fleeing Whites with a racially specific tax on tanning bed use?

Prior to June 20, BHO had his thug brigades in SEIU, and his gestapo in ACORN. Whether the NBPP will form the nucleus of an SA or SS, time will tell, but they do already enjoy DOJ immunity from prosecution.

The NBPP should take note of the historical precedent that once they became stronger, as political rivals, than politically useful, to foment crisis to exploit, the SA was liquidated in one night, June 30, 1934.

With Beck and Obama, daily, more entrenched as the straw men icons of the Right and Left, all should pray, and actively take steps, that no physical harm happens to either of them. If either is harmed, I have no doubt, Helter Skelter will explode.